The Easter Egg Hunt

by May 4, 2011Children, Event/Celebrations5 comments


Photographing children is so much fun because they just do what they do naturally. For Easter I had the pleasure of photographing a family gathering and Easter egg hunt. Colorful little plastic eggs were hidden around the yard. All the kids ran off and filled their little baskets. The older kids helped the younger ones and everyone had a great time. The ultimate prizes were golden eggs that had a little extra “sumpin, sumpin” on the inside besides chocolate.

A few tips to remember when photographing kids:

  • As much as possible, get down on their level so you are eye to eye—yep it’s a little hard on the back and knees but well worth it. It helps to eliminate that distorted-big-headed-look I see so much of on Facebook.
  • Go for more candid shots versus posed “cheese” shots. I learned a long time ago, that when you tell a child (especially younger ones) to say “cheeeeeese,” it makes them look like they’re in pain (or constipated). They interpret “say cheeeeeese” as “show teeth” and don’t quite understand the concept of “smiling.” So to get a natural smile, engage them in conversation about something they enjoy. If they are too young for conversation, try toys or silly antics. Ever wonder how they get kids to smile and laugh so nicely in catalogs? There’s a person on set whose job it is to say and do silly things that will crack the kid up.
  • Don’t pressure the child. Make sure it’s not close to nap-time, and more than anything, just relax and have a good time!

Now let’s check out the Easter Egg hunt and see how it turned out.

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