The Adventures of Shooting Women of Power, Day 1

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It’s been a few weeks now and I’ve recouped from covering the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit in Orlando FL. I don’t even know how many images I ended up with but I can tell you it was a lot! It’s taken some time but I think everything is organized so I can share some of them with you.

Check-in comes with a glass of champagne.First off, the venue was the fabulous Ritz-Carlton. When I checked in, I was asked if I wanted water or champagne. Of course I took the champagne. Since I had to start working early the next morning, I decided to take a brief tour to familiarize myself with the layout of everything. When I came back to my room the staff had done a turn-down of the sheet. But then I noticed a cute pair of heart covered rubber ducks on the nightstand… I guess because it was Valentine’s Day night, they were left for bath time fun. No, I didn’t get to try them out.

Rubber ducks for bath-time fun.

The next morning, Wednesday I was off and running… and I didn’t stop until Saturday morning after breakfast when it was time for my flight back to NJ. It was a lot of work, but I had a blast. The next time I shoot a 3 day event, I have to remember to get some Dr. Sholl’s “gelling” for my feet.

Over the next several days I will share some of the highlights and slideshows from the conference. If you were there at the lovely Ritz-Carlton, please give me a shout out. 🙂

The front entrance of the Ritz-Carlton. I spent most of my time indoors but I got out briefly here and there.

The shopping trip to Macy’s… the ladies were greeted by music to shop by.

Attendees got to have their photos taken and uploaded to Facebook.

Macy’s provided a nice sit down lunch. Afterwards there was a fashion show hosted by Anthony Williams of Project Runway All Stars.

Imagine this Macy’s model’s surprise when her boyfriend appeared and dropped to one knee, ready to “put a ring on it.”

After shopping, it was time for a session of power networking.

The evening began with a welcome reception.

Anita Hill enjoying the a cappella sounds of the singing group Committed, who were the winners of Sing Off.

If you’d like to see the whole day in pictures, please feel free to view the slideshow below or visit the gallery by clicking in the slideshow.

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