Strong Lessons in Being Women of Power, Day 2

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Dr. Sunyatta Amen shows attendees how to use belly dancing as a total body workout.

The second full day at the Women of Power Summit really had me on my toes! I think I walked 20 miles that day—I was all over the place. I should have had on one of those pedometers to count my steps. My day began with a 5am wake up call. At 6am I was ready to shoot the morning activity… belly dancing. I few times I wanted to put my camera down and move too. The music was an interesting blend of Middle Eastern and Hip Hop music. It was a fun session… what a great way to began a busy day!

The next stop was breakfast with the keynote address by veteran journalist Carole Simpson. Wow, what wisdom and insight this woman has. During her talk, she told the audience five things you needed to succeed. She said that most people think the #1 thing is education or experience but she said no… it’s who you know. The #1 think is who you know. That has stuck with me, and as I look around at people that seemed to move ahead so fast, I can see that is true.

Following breakfast it was off to various sessions and workshops. I had to pop in on all them, so each time I tried to gleen just a little nugget from the panel discussions while I worked. It’s funny how as I look through the photos, certain statements come back to mind. Such as… you need a mentor, a sponsor and an advocate; build an alliance with five people who are not of you demographic, and become each others biggest promoters.

The lunch break brought a conversation with Anita Hill. I truly admire this woman. I think watching her testify during the Clarence Thomas conformation hearings was the first time I had paid attention to any of the political hearings. I was so excited to meet her. She was such a cool and easy-going person. After I took everyone’s photo back stage, I asked her if I could get a photo with her and she happily agreed. After that, each time we saw each other she greeted me by name. For a day, I felt like she was my BFF (in my head). 🙂

Enjoy the photos, and if you missed images from the Day 1, please check here.

Dr. Sunyatta Amen leads the group in a sort of batte of the hips. The ladies loved it and had a great time.

Veteran journalist Carole Simpson gives the breakfast keynote.

Sophia A. Nelson, Author and Political Commentator, signs her new book “Black Woman Redefined: Dispelling Myths and Discovering Fulfillment in the Age of Michelle Obama.”

Instructions at the tennis clinic given by Katrina Adams.

The golf clinic had several stations where the ladies got to rotate.

Beverly Johnson takes time to take photos with the ladies after appearing on the panel, 20/20 Vision Entrepreneurs Masters Class.Evening reception.

Recipients of the Rising Stars 40 Under 40 Award.


To see the whole day in pictures, please feel free to view the slideshow below or visit the gallery by clicking in the slideshow.

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