The final product: cover photography by Lonnie C. MajorA few entries ago I began sharing images and adventures from my trip to L.A. in November. Since that time, things have been moving so fast that I haven’t had time to share photos from the highlight of the trip.

The whole purpose we were in L.A. was the January 2011 cover shoot of Black Enterprise, which would feature “50 Cent.”

The day prior to the shoot, we spent going around Los Angeles looking for props and cars. In case you missed those adventures, you can read about them here and here. We found what we needed and were set for the big day.

The morning of the shoot, we were all set with the lights and a vintage Mercedes Benz inside the studio, and also a setup outside with a Porsche. All we had to do was await the arrival of our photo subject… and he did not disappoint. First to pull into the driveway was a beautiful blue (my favorite color) Rolls Royce, followed by a matching blue Lamborghini. The driver and 2 guys got out of the Rolls and Fifty climbed out of the Lamborghini. My co-workers greeted him and they shook hands. I extended my hand to introduce myself also. But since I’m the only female on the team, he hugged me and kissed my cheek. Now, you know, my male co-workers will not let me live that down. They tell a rendition of that scene that is a bit exaggerated to say the least. But I must admit, Fifty Cent won me over with a hug and a kiss. Since I don’t follow Rap music and didn’t know much about him, I had no idea what to expect. So I was pleasantly surprised indeed.

Me with Fifty.Everything went smooth like clockwork. The crew started out playing a Hip-Hop channel on Pandora for background music. Fifty soon requested that we play El DeBarge’s new CD, Second Chance. He does a collaboration on the album with El entitled Format. Fifty had his guys put it on repeat. It played so much, I think I might buy it. It’s actually a pretty nice tune. Anyway, once Fifty was given the concept and the various scenarios, he fell right into character. I think the music helped. Music always sets the mood during a shoot. There was even a “Billy Dee” moment when he looked at me and said, “Guurrl, your smile lights up the room.” It reminded me of a movie and I cracked up… I think I even giggled. Some of my friends get jealous every time I tell that part of the story. LOL!

All in all, it was a good day. Big ups to the photographer, Lonnie C. Major, whom I consider to be my photography mentor. Hopefully, he won’t ban me from his future shoots when I begin “borrowing” his lighting techniques. 🙂

To read the full story of how Curtis “Fifty Cent” Jackson built his business empire, pick up a copy of the January 2011 issue of Black Enterprise.


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