Photos Always Top Off a Grand Celebration

by Sep 16, 2011Event/Celebrations0 comments

When it comes to celebrations, none are to small or too large; too simple or too elaborate for a professional photographer. A while back I had the pleasure of shooting a surprise appreciation/birthday dinner. The festivities began with a cocktail hour on a rooftop garden in NYC. I bet you can’t tell from the images that it was 102 degrees out there. The Empire State Building towered above. It’s one of my buildings in NYC. I almost felt as if I could reach out and touch it. Surprisingly, everyone was able to keep their cool until the guest of honor arrived and it was time to good inside.

You can’t tell from the photos that it’s 102 degrees.

I peeked through some of the rooftop shrubbery to see my favorite NYC building.

After dark when the shades were raised, a stunning view of the city filled the windows.

DJ Snake Eyes made certain the dance floor stayed crowded.


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