Meeting Chris Rabb

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Chris RabbAuthor and speaker Chris Rabb.“Be Prepared.” There is definitely something to be said about that Boy Scouts’ motto. A few months ago I was connected to Chris Rabb by a mutual friend. He needed some design work and photos. One afternoon out of the blue, I received a call from him that he would be in my area the day for a conference… could we get together to maybe do his portraits. I was a little surprised but I said, “Sure.” After we coordinated a time I packed my camera bag and was on my way. We met, chatted a bit and walked around for about an hour. We stopped in a few spots and took photos. Chris ended up with a variety of images.
So, who is Chris Rabb? He is the author of the book, Invisible Capital: How Unseen Forces Shape Entrepreneurial Opportunity. I have it on my Kindle and highly recommend it for any entrepreneur. He is also a visiting researcher at Princeton University and a serial entrepreneur.
Check out more of his photos from our session.
Chris Rabb
Chris Rabb
Chris Rabb

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