Meet the Spruills

by Dec 20, 2011Family Portrait0 comments

When I go into a photo session with a family, I try to incorporate something they like to do together. It can be either an outdoor or indoor activity. I actually prefer outdoors because it seems people aren’t as “stuffy.”

On the day of the Spruill family session, we were scheduled to shoot outdoors. But as I traveled to their home, the sky got darker and more ominous the closer I got to their home. By the time I parked in their driveway, the sky had opened up with a torrential downpour. It’s a good thing my equipment was nicely packed… it stayed dry but I was soaked.

Rain or not, everybody was upbeat and ready to shoot. When plan A gets squashed, I shift gears for plan B. So I set up for an indoor shoot. As you can guess from the first photo, this is a football family. Sometimes when you shoot indoors, you have to move things. They really were great, and very accommodating. I had them rearranging furniture, clearing out space for my lights… but I made sure everything was back in order before I left.

Just as we were finishing up, low and behold, the rain stopped and the sun came out nice and bright. So I suggested we go out and get a few quick shots. I love when a plan comes together… even if it means weathering a storm first.


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