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A few weeks ago I mentioned a design project for a book cover that I had completed, Love in a Carry-On Bag.” After the pages were sent off for a final proof-reading, it was time for the new author to get photos. For weeks, Sadeqa was bubbling with excitement about the shoot. We talked about possible locations, what type of look she wanted (it had to be glam), what to wear, etc, etc. She sent me text messages while out shopping for outfits, “…purple or black? Mary what should I get?” My advice, stick to colors that make you look good. I had a vision in my mind how the photo should look, but honestly, I had no clue (shhhh…) of what I was going to do until the day of the shoot when I walked onto the location and began to set up. One thing was for sure, I wanted to capture Sadeqa’s energy and personality. When Sadeqa arrived, I knew she was a bit nervous so I needed to be reassuring to help her bring forth her best.

In the book’s story, quite a few scenes take place in a jazz club. So the idea came to try and play off that. I didn’t want a stuffy “I’m a writer” look. A big thanks and shout out to Dawn Fitch of Pooka Boutique in Orange, NJ for letting us use a section of her shop. With the beautiful exposed brick wall and seating area, I felt I could really get the environmental feel that I wanted. In the shop that day they were playing The Dana Owens Album* by Queen Latifah, which give a perfect vibe to the setting. It turned out to be two hours of great fun, as you can see from the images. The day was not without it’s drama though. You can read Sadeqa’s account of the experience in her blog entry, Pose for the Camera Now Click! Find Sadeqa on Twitter, @Sadeqasays.

By the way, the fantastic job on hair was done by Betty at Anthony Garubo Salon salon in Maplewood, NJ. Makeup was by celebrity makeup artist Lenny Hamilton, who has an office in Newark, NJ.


*Feel free to use my affiliate link to check it out to check out the album.

Sadeqa Johnson ©Mary B. Photography & DesignAn alternate to the opening shot. This image almost didn’t make it in the final cut because I thought it was too dark. Sadeqa liked it so much, I attempted a bit of post production adjustment in Lightroom.

Sadeqa Johnson @ Mary B. Photography & Design


Sadeqa Johnson ©Mary B. Photography & Design

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