It’s Pooka, Pure and Simple

by Mar 8, 2011Products Shots10 comments

You may ask, “What’s a pooka?” Well, Pooka Pure and Simple is a line of natural bath and body products created by Dawn Fitch. I met Dawn back in December while I was doing another shoot (see previous blog post). Dawn not only allowed us to use her warehouse space but also was one of the models. Anyway, that day led to Dawn hiring me to to do products shots of her whole product line.

With over 50 products, various groupings, and individual shots, it was a full-day experience of fun and teamwork. Dawn’s mom did a fantastic job with the styling. For each set up, the props were well thought. Luigi Oriol was my photo assistant. He did a great job of product arrangement and the setup of each grouping. The process moved along a lot faster with the extra set of hands and eyes.

By the way, I love that Pomegranate Body Butter—it saved my skin during those brutally cold days. You probably need some Pooka Pure and Simple in your life too, so visit their website and check out all the goodies.

The images came out beautiful… if I must say so myself. Take a peek.


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