Former Olympic Athlete Celebrates Her 85th Birthday

by Sep 29, 2011Event/Celebrations2 comments

Sometimes, when I take an event assignment, I never know who I might be photographing. Back in the spring I was hired to photograph a surprise 85th birthday celebration. I have to admit, my first thought was, “Why would someone want to surprise an 85-year-old woman?” The client said it was her mother and I didn’t get much other info besides the time and place, etc.

As the day progressed, I discovered that the guest of honor was Hyacinth Walters, a former Olympic athlete. She was in the 1952 summer Olympic games in Helsinki for the Jamaican team. Now how cool is that? It was such a blessing to hear her relatives and friends stand up and speak about her athletic career and how she’s such an inspiration. Evidently she is also considered a bit of a globetrotter and loves to travel. The theme of the party was travel as you’ll see from the different flags on the dinner tables and designer bag cake.

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