Love in a Carry-On Bag, the debut novel by Sadeqa Johnson will be available March 2012. Cover design by Mary Brown.“A hot story deserves a hot cover.” That is what ran through my mind when Sadeqa Johnson approached me for this project. After reading the first 50 pages of the manuscript, I was hooked. It was an exciting challenge to depict the whole story in one glimpse of a cover. It’s finally done now, but the project is not finished. I’ve been working on the interior pages and they’re finally layed-out. It won’t be long until it’s off to printing. Believe me, it was difficult not to read as I was flowing text and formatting pages, but I did my best to resist. Of course, I’m waiting for the finished signed copy.

It’s the story of a long-distance relationship between Erica Shaw and Warren Prince. She is an ambitious publicity manager for a publishing company in New York City. He is a Washington D.C. computer engineer by day and a “sexy-lipped” trumpet player by night. There are a lot of weekend trips on Amtrak but the question is, how long can their love endure the distance? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to read the finished book for the answer.

Look for it in March 2012. Oh, and for the e-book converts, that format will be available too.

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