Ahhh, It’s Bootzilla Baby

by Jun 30, 2011Music0 comments

Well boys and girls… and you funkateers, funk is alive and well! Recently I was invited to go see Bootsy Collins at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in NYC. I had never been to B.B. King’s and hadn’t seen Bootsy since I saw Parliament-Funkadelic land the Mothership at Radio City Music Hall many years ago, so I thought it would be fun. And boy, did I have a great time! (Even if I did stand for 4 hours.)

I was actually pretty impressed with the show. It’s such an intimate venue, everyone left thoroughly entertained. I found out Bootsy had a foundation to teach kids music—the Bootsy Collins Foundation. Before the show began they brought out a group a kids from PS 86 in the Bronx, NY. The crowd was a little restless at first until they started to play. They covered “Give Me Shelter” (one of my favorites) by The Rolling Stones… and they were tight.

The next big surprise was… who knew Dr. Cornell West was a funkateer? He came out on stage to do a song with Bootsy that’s on the new album. Here’s the scene—Dr. West comes on stage, and at the same time someone come out and sprays a fire extinguisher (right near me) on wiring that’s burning on stage, and I’m standing there coughing and trying to get a photo of Dr. West with my Blackberry. What!? Hey this was kind of historic for me. How could I miss getting a photo of Dr. Cornell West? I’m a photographer for goodness sake. So I pulled out my big mama camera—the 5D Mark II—that was stashed in my bag. Once I realized the club didn’t have a policy against big cameras it was on. I had a pretty good standing room only spot close to the stage so I couldn’t pass this up. The camera shoots video too. I haven’t quite mastered that yet, but I try it every chance I get.

Check out the video clip and photos baby baba… and funk on you funkateers!

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