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Photographing events isn’t always fun, but this one was a blast. The 2nd All About You Event took place on May 14, 2011 in New York City at the Prince George Ballroom & Gallery.

All About You Day (AAYou) is a one-day women’s empowerment conference covering the topics most important to women: money, beauty, relationships and love of self. This event is brought to you by Cole Media Inc., creator of the Keeping It Rich™ brand of seminars, workshops and Web shows. The Keeping It Rich brand defines “rich” as a lifestyle set by the individual that encompasses wealth, health and appearance. This conference will empower you with the tools and inspiration necessary to live your definition of a ‘rich’ life.

The attendees were motivated and educated by a fantastic group of ladies: Dee Marshall (host), Sakina Spruell Cole (money), Metra Lundy (health/fitness), Demetria Lucas (relationships), Sadeqa Johnson (meditation), and Jocelyn Taylor (fashion) with the help of Chasity Saunders.

Oh, and let me not forget The Touch Lounge, where the ladies were treated to complimentary chair massages (yes, I got mine—it was much needed by the end of the day), foot massages and make-up tips.

It was an all around fun and inspiring day, but I’ll let the photos tell the full story. Enjoy!

All About You Day 2011 Photo Gallery 1


All About You Day 2011 Photo Gallery 2

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